Mounted lights may be your Friend

In the past, tracking lighting was new, amazing, expensive, and somewhat difficult to work with. Tracking lighting is still rather new and continuing to evolve.

I simply set up 8 feet of track lighting in my home. I set up a dimmer switch.

I went to Home Depot and bought 2 four-foot track lighting sets. The dimmer switch was about five dollars. webpage I also had to buy a track lighting port which was another two dollars.

I headed house, shut down the breaker switch and installed the dimmer switch. One note about dimmer switches, is to make sure you get the best one. , if you are managing more than one item than you will require to get a dimmer set for that function.

Once that was achieved I started setting up the track lighting.

The biggest problem that I ran into was with the outlet box in the ceiling. The existing light had been round so it didn't matter how the support screws were oriented. With the track lighting, the assistance box had to be oriented a specific instructions. I had to take the outlet box down, drill new holes so I might make sure I was connecting to solid wood, and then reattach it.

It didn't take excessive longer, I just had to get some other tools out.
The next step was to wire it up and after that put the track.

I was doing this close enough to a wall that I had the ability to have a good friend "eyeball" the parallel for me to make sure my track was straight. I drilled the holes, punched the toggle-bolts through, and tightened up everything up. I put in the very first light, and turned whatever on to ensure it worked. And it worked fantastic.

I then put in the rest of the lights and figured out how I wanted it oriented.
For the expense of one floorlamp and a little bit of work, I got a whole wall-full of light and six, 75watt bulbs. In some cases you have to think outside the box, and try something all new.

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